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Board Vision, Mission, Priorities, and Goals

This is a living document that is reviewed annually by the board for adjustments as needed based on demographic, financial, and student performance data, as well as stakeholder feedback.

Board Vision

Growing our students

our district

our community

Navarro ISD- The Heart of Geronimo

Board Mission

Navarro ISD builds collaborative partnerships by cultivating positive relationships that grow successful students; helping them make connections that prepare them for their future.


  • Priority 1: Recruiting, Hiring, Coaching, and Retaining High Quality Teachers and Staff to Support Student Outcomes.
  • Priority 2: Maximizing Academic Performance.
  • Priority 3: Maximizing Co-Curricular and Extra-Curricular Opportunities, Performance, and Engagement.
  • Priority 4: Planning, Preparing, and Maintaining Facilities and Environments for Learning.
  • Priority 5: Obtaining and Maintaining Top Rated District Recognition


  • Goal 1*: The percent of 3rd grade students that score meets grade level or above on STAAR Reading will increase from 49% to 60% by June 2024, 65% for 2024-2025, 70% for 2025-2026, 75% for 2026-2027, 80% for 2027-2028. (HB3 Required Goal)
  • Goal 2*:  Increased overall student performance in mathematics to 85% Meets Standard by 2028.
  • The percent of 3rd grade students that score meets grade level or above on STAAR Math will increase from 53% to 65% by June 2024, 70% for 2024-2025, 75% for 2025-2026, 80% for 2026-2027, 85% for 2027-2028. (HB3 Required Goal)
  • Goal 3*: The percentage of graduates that meet the criteria for CCMR will increase from 72% to 88% by August 2024 and increase to 95% by 2028. (HB3 Required Goal)

*Goal percentages may be adjusted to reflect changing metrics/cut scores as defined by the Texas Education Agency.