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Special Education Learning knows no bounds

Special Education is specifically designed instruction to meet the unique needs of a child with a disability.

The purpose of Special Education is to ensure that all children with disabilities have available to them a free appropriate public education that provides the services needed to meet their individual needs while allowing them the opportunity to participate in educational programs and activities with their non-disabled peers to the greatest extent possible. Navarro ISD offers a full continuum of special education services designed to meet the individual needs of these students.

Referral for special education assessment is made by the Student Support Committee, which meets to determine appropriate interventions when a student is struggling academically or behaviorally. Counselors on each campus can be contacted to set up a Student Support Committee meeting.

Shannon Voigt
Director of Special Education, 504 Services, and Dyslexia
Call at (830) 372-1930 ext. 6302
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Kari Whitlow, Educational Diagnostician ext. 6303
Monica Parks, Educational Diagnostician ext. 6303
Tracey Guetzke, Behavior Specialist ext. 6303
Katie Malik, Behavior Specialist ext. 6303
Jennifer Reinhard, Speech Language Pathologist ext. 6310
Jolie Pollard, Speech Language Pathologist ext. 6310
Chrissy Crawford, Speech Language Pathologist Assistant ext. 6310
Sarah Haltom, District Transition and Employment Designee ext. 5127
Courtney Marlar, Elementary Dyslexia Interventionist ext. 2803
Heather Hayes, Intermediate Dyslexia Interventionist ext. 3609
Nigel Nesmith, Intermediate Dyslexia Interventionist ext. 3402
Jennifer Mulvaney, Junior High/High School Dyslexia Interventionist ext. 5018

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