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P-TECH Title

What is P-TECH?

What are the Requirements?

  • Pathways to Technology Early College High School

  • Part of the College & Career Readiness School Model (CCRSM)

  • Opportunity to earn an Associate’s degree, a Level 1 certificate and/or an industry-based certification while in high school

  • Incoming 9th or 10th Grade students interested in the Cybersecurity Pathway

  • Commitment from both the student applicant and the parents or guardians

  • Completed two-part (student/parent) application

  • Attendance of Summer Bridge Camps and student/parent meetings

What are the Benefits?

  • Up to 60 hours of FREE college courses that may transfer to a 4-year university

  • Free certification exams recognized by industry

  • Support, guidance, and industry mentorship provided by the district and industry partners in the field

P-TECH Savings Chart

P-TECH Pathways Chart

The Pathways in Technology Early College High School (P-TECH) is an open-enrollment program with purposefully developed pathways that are aligned to high-demand, high-wage fields within our local area.  This program gives students an opportunity to receive an industry or college credential and/or associate degree, at no cost to the student, along with their high school diploma.  This is in an effort to ensure students are college and career ready by building talent as well as helping to fulfill our local workforce needs. 

All rising 9th and 10th grade, within Navarro Independent School District boundaries, are welcome to apply regardless of academic ability.  Students can choose between one of the three pathways below.

1.      Associate of Applied Science - Information Technology Cybersecurity Specialist (earning 60+ college credit hours);

2.      College Level 1 Certificate - Information Technology Cybersecurity Specialist (earning 28+ college credit hours);

3.      Industry-Based Certification in CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Networking (earning 0-27 college credit hours)

The Pathways in Technology Early College High School (P-TECH) also consists of an innovative and ever-changing partnership between the district, community college, and local high growth industry employers who work together to provide any needed supports to P-TECH students as they navigate through their selected pathways.  Students will have access to post-secondary education while also gaining work experience through various opportunities, such as mentorships, internships, apprenticeships and other job work-based learning experiences.   A combination of both the learned skill sets through earning credentials and work-based learning experiences provided by our industry partners, will ensure that P-TECH students have an increased advantage and are top candidates when entering the workforce or additional post-secondary program. 

 To qualify for the P-TECH Program, students meet the following criteria:

1.      The student must be a rising 9th or 10th grader with a desire to be a part of the PTECH program.

2.      The student must have a strong work ethic and commitment to complete one of the offered pathways.

3.      The student must be responsible for communicating with the instructor/professor and their designated P-TECH mentor regarding absences, grades, or assignments.

4.      The student’s parent/guardian must also want their child to be a part of the program.

5.      Both the parent/guardian and student must complete the online P-TECH Enrollment Application together

6.      Both the parent/guardian and student must agree to participate in PTECH-related events, such as required meetings, tutorials and/or preparation camps.

7.      Both the parent/guardian and student must agree and abide by the standards of academic and behavioral expectations of the program (including expectations of the college and industry institutions).

8.      Both the parent/guardian and student must agree to comply with all the policies of the program including the Electronic Information resource agreements (including policies or documents required by the college and industry institutions).

9.      Both the parent and student must agree that the ultimate goal is to graduate from the P-TECH Academy with industry credentials and/or college credits as planned.