January 26, 2024 – The Navarro Independent School District announces a $120 million bond election scheduled to take place on May 4, 2024. The decision comes after the Board reviewed the work of the District Long-Range Master Planning Committee Recommendations presented during a Special Board Meeting on January 22, 2024, and subsequent approval by the Board of Trustees during a second Special Board Meeting on January 24, 2024.

The District Long-Range Master Planning Committee, consisting of 33 community members, parents, students, faculty, and staff, dedicated their time from November 2023 to January 2024 to assess the current state of the district, demographics, areas no longer meeting current standards, financial impacts, and opportunities with current facilities. 

The Long-Range Master Planning Committee identified campus capacities noting that Navarro Elementary and Navarro Intermediate will hit capacity in the current spaces in Fall of 2026 & Fall of 2027 school years. They also discussed traffic congestion on Link Rd during drop-off and pick up times.  Another topic for the committee was the New High School will not have athletic facilities on-site for outdoor sports including baseball, softball, tennis, or a football stadium for games.  The committee addressed pro’s and con’s of off-site athletic facilities including effects on master schedules to allow for students to have time to get to facilities off premises for practice and games as well as the transportation considerations and added resources needed to safely bus children to and from off-site practice and game facilities.The committee’s work resulted in a 10-year facilities plan aimed at addressing projected growth and modern educational standards.  

According to the Zonda Education demographic team's Fall 23-24 Report, Navarro ISD’s growth projected to increase from 2,438 students in Fall 2023/2024 to 6,049 students in 2033/2034. With 18 actively building subdivisions and 12 future subdivisions in progress, the district’s facilities will be unable to support this growth.

The bond election, unanimously approved 7-0 by the Board of Trustees, aims to address instructional requirements or standards, refresh for some of the current facilities, and provide athletic facilities to support the district's growth. Given recent guidance from the Texas Attorney General, who approves bonds before they can issue, the election is split into three propositions.  Proposition A addresses general school facilities. Proposition B  addresses a stadium with seating over 1,000, while Proposition C addresses athletic facilities with seating less than 1,000.  The District, however, intends to operate all athletic facilities as a comprehensive athletic complex serving all students within the District.

The $120 million bond is divided into three separate propositions to address current legal requirements:

Proposition A: Growth & Reinvestment - $73,700,000

  • New Elementary 2-5 Campus on New Site

  • Existing Elementary and Intermediate Refresh

  • Safety and Security Enhancements (Access Control, Video Surveillance, & Video Intercom)

  • Chiller Replacement at Existing High School

  • Drives and Parking

  • Project Contingencies

  • Jr High Remodel/Refresh/Expansion (Classroom construction, corridor/covered walkway, construction, paint, flooring, electrical)

Proposition B: New Athletic Stadium - $35,500,000

  • Football, Soccer, Track & Field Facilities (7,000 seating)

  • Concessions, Restrooms, and Field House

Proposition C: New Baseball & Softball Turf Fields, Tennis Courts, Restrooms, & Concessions - $10,800,000

  • New Baseball & Softball Turf Fields

  • Tennis Courts

  • Restrooms and Concessions

District Growth

Tax Information

The bond will be sold in stages to minimize tax implications for the community. However, the Financial Advisor has advised that depending on property values and bond interest rates, it is possible we would reach the maximum allowed debt service rate which could mean an 8.5 cent increase over time.

OVER AGE 65—If a homeowner receives the Age-65 Freeze on his or her homestead, the school taxes are frozen and cannot be raised above the frozen level unless significant improvements beyond normal repairs or maintenance are made to the home. Examples of a “significant improvement” would be adding a garage, building a game room, or adding a swimming pool to your property.

Long-Range Facilities Master Planning Process

The Navarro ISD Long-Range Facilities Master Planning Committee is made up of faculty, staff, students, parents, and community members who came together to discuss and make informed decisions to manage growth and district needs. After extensive research, discussions, and considerations the committee presented their recommendations for future facilities and priority projects for the Navarro Facilities Master Plan to the Navarro Board of Trustees for consideration.

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We will continually provide more facts about Bond 2024 and plan to hold community forums in the future.