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The Texas Parent Special Education Involvement Survey is Live!

Selected parents of students receiving special education services are encouraged to complete the Parent Involvement Survey to share your experiences. The findings from this survey will be used to report the parent involvement indicator to the Office of Special Education Programs and provide important information to school districts. The survey is available in English, Spanish, French, Chinese, and Vietnamese.

How to complete the survey:

The district has sent invitations by email to randomly selected parents. Complete the survey at http://www.parentsurveytx.com/ - you will need your PIN from the invitation.

If you haven’t received an invitation or can’t find your PIN:

1. Contact Navarro ISD at (830)372-1930 to learn if you were selected and get your PIN.

2. Email support@gibsonconsult.com, call 512.685.2697 (English), or 512.685.2694 (Spanish)

The deadline for completing the survey is May 20, 2022.

¡La encuesta sobre participación de los padres en la educación especial de Texas está activa!

Se invita a los padres de estudiantes que reciben educación especial que fueron seleccionados a completar la Encuesta de participación de los padres para compartir sus experiencias. Los resultados de esta encuesta se utilizarán para comunicar el indicador de participación de los padres en los programas de la Oficina de Educación Especial y proporcionar información importante a los distritos escolares. La encuesta está disponible en inglés, español, francés, chino y vietnamita.

Cómo rellenar la encuesta:

El distrito ha enviado invitaciones por email a padres de familia que fueron seleccionados de forma aleatoria. Rellene la encuesta en http://www.parentsurveytx.com/. Necesitará el PIN que recibió en la invitación.

Si no ha recibido una invitación o no encuentra su PIN:

1. Póngase en contacto con Navarro ISD al (830)372-1930 para saber si fue seleccionado y obtener si PIN.

2. Mande un correo a support@gibsonconsult.com, o llame al 512.685.2697 (inglés), o al 512.685.2694 (español)

La fecha límite para rellenar la encuesta es el 20 de mayo de 2022.

Special Education is specifically designed instruction to meet the unique needs of a child with a disability.

The purpose of Special Education is to ensure that all children with disabilities have available to them a free appropriate public education that provides the services needed to meet their individual needs, while allowing them the opportunity to participate in educational programs and activities with their non-disabled peers to the greatest extent possible. Navarro ISD offers a full continuum of special education services designed to meet the individual needs of these students.

Referral for special education assessment is made by the Student Support Committee, which meets to determine appropriate interventions when a student is struggling academically or behaviorally. Counselors on each campus can be contacted to set up a Student Support Committee meeting.

Janna Smith

Director of Special Education
District Transition and Employment Designee (TED)
(830)372-1930 ext. 6302

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Jennifer Reinhard

Speech-Language Pathologist
(830)372-1933 ext. 6310

Send Email

Lindsay Rhodes

Speech-Language Pathologist Assistant
(830)372-1933 Ext. 6310

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Kari Whitlow

Educational Diagnostician
(830)372-1933 ext. 6303

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Monica Parks

Educational Diagnostician
(830)372-1933 ext. 6303

Send Email

Cristina Rodriguez

Licensed Specialist in School Psychology


(830)372-1933 ext. 2003

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Bernie Martinez

Dyslexia Interventionist
(830)372-1930 ext. 6309

Send Email

Courtney Marlar

Dyslexia Interventionist
(830)372-1930 ext. 6309

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Tracey Guetzke

Behavior Specialist
(830)372-1930 ext. 6308

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Canna Scheib

Licensed Dyslexia Therapist
Academic Language Therapist
(830)372-1930 ext. 6309

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