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P-TECH Benchmark Documents


1.6- Leadership Team Strategic Priorities

1.6a- P-TECH/IHE leadership meeting agendas

1.6b- School board and board of regents’ presentations

1.6c- Document(s) outlining the strategic priorities for the current academic year and/or long-term priorities of the P-TECH partnership

1.7- Leadership Team Key Roles

1.7a- Description of each member and role in committee

1.8- P-TECH Staff

1.8a- P-TECH leader/liaison meeting agendas and relevant materials

1.9- P-TECH Staff Professional Development

1.9a- Mentor/induction program plans

1.9b- Annual training or professional development plan with P-TECH and IHE faculty

1.11- Advisory Board

1.11a- Meeting agendas and minutes, with action items and decision logs

1.11b- A list of strategic partners with each member’s organization, title, and role in providing work-based learning for students by grade level


2.1- Goal of Higher Education Partnerships

2.1a- Final, signed, and executed MOU/ILA or similar agreement with Institution of Higher Education

*MOU/ILA must be reviewed annually with the goal of improving programmatic supports and services for students and alignment to the Texas Statewide Dual Credit Goals.

2.11- Roles and Responsibilities

2.11a- Final, signed, and executed agreement with business/industry partner(s)

*The agreement must be reviewed annually with the goal of improving programmatic supports and services for students


3.2- Documenting Enrollment Procedures

3.2a- Written admission policy, and enrollment application

3.2b- Written recruitment plan, including a timeline of recruitment and enrollment events, and recruitment materials for distribution at feeder middle schools and other appropriate locations in the community

3.3- Stakeholder Engagement

3.3a- Brochures and marketing in Spanish, English, and/or other relevant language(s)

3.3b- Written communication plan for targeting identified audiences(e.g., parents, community members, school boards, higher education personnel, etc.)

3.4- Lottery System

3.4a- Written lottery procedures (district-level or campus-level)


4.1- Regional Need

4.1a- Documentation detailing courses of study examples that outline student pathways from high school to associate degrees, certificates, or industry- based certifications and beyond

4.1b- Current dated regional high-demand occupation list

4.3- Course Sequence

4.3a- Crosswalk aligning high school and college courses, grades 9 through 12, which enables a student to earn an associate degree or up to 60 college credit hours toward a baccalaureate degree

4.3b- Master schedules

4.7- College Readiness

4.7a- Calendar of scheduled TSI test administration dates, sign-up process, and intervention expectations

4.7b- Aggregate reports of TSI exam performance

4.7c- Testing calendar and schedule for SAT, ACT, or other college readiness assessments


5.1- Bridge Programs

5.1a- Bridge program curriculum and schedule

5.2- Advising

5.2a- Schedule of advising events and records of completion for these support services

5.3- Student Intervention

5.3a- Tutoring schedules

5.4- Classroom Supports

5.4a- Advisory/study skills curriculum material

5.5- Multi-tiered System of Supports

5.5a- Calendar of family outreach events

5.6- Enrichment Opportunities

5.6a- Professional learning community agendas


6.1- Work-Based Learning Continuum

6.1a- Documentation of appropriate work-based learning experiences for students at all grade levels

6.2- Work-Based Learning Offerings

6.2a- Aggregate data describing student participation in work-based learning experiences

6.3- Student Participation

6.3a- Samples of student artifacts such as writings, portfolios, presentations, and links to digital content