Junior FFA Membership Dues

Navarro ISD students in grades 3-8 are eligible to join the Navarro Jr. FFA IF their parents join the Navarro FFA Booster Club.

Jr. FFA dues are $5 in addition to the parent's FFA Booster Club dues (which start at $25).

Jr. FFA dues must be paid to the Booster Club and a green Jr. FFA membership form completed and turned in with the dues.

Jr. FFA dues must be paid by the October Booster Club Meeting on Tuesday, October 1st.

Navarro Junior FFA Meetings

Jr. FFA meetings are held on the same night as the FFA Booster Club meetings.

Jr. FFA members are expected to attend meetings in order to be eligible to show.

Fundraiser Requirements

Jr. FFA members are expected to participate in the annual Navarro FFA fundraiser by selling a minimum of 5 items.

Jr. FFA members who do not sell the minimum number of items will be required to pay $5 per item not sold (maximum of $25) to be eligible to enter stock show projects through Navarro FFA.

Junior FFA Membership Form

Junior FFA Record Book

Record Book How-To