At Navarro ISD, we prioritize the integration of instructional technology to foster continuous growth in our educators and enhance the educational experiences of our students. As we move towards nurturing 21st-century learners, our focus on instructional technology aims to bring innovative teaching methods, interactive learning experiences, and personalized education to the forefront. By leveraging technology, our teachers are empowered to deliver dynamic and engaging lessons, and our students are equipped with essential digital literacy skills essential for success in today's interconnected world.

Instructional Technology "Think Tank"

We will be using this as a way to post step by step instructions, tutorial videos, and cheat sheets for the different programs and apps you will be using (or maybe you would like to start using) in your classroom!

Natasha Williams

Instructional Technologist

Elementary & Intermediate School

(830) 372-1930 Extension: 6304

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Micaela Gissendanner

Instructional Technologist

Junior High & High School

(830) 372-1930 Extension: 6305