The Gifted and Talented/Advanced Academics program at Navarro ISD is designed to provide enrichment beyond the regular education program for students who function at remarkably high levels when compared to others of the same age and equivalent experiences. The program gives these students opportunities to develop and expand critical and creative thinking, increase reasoning and problem-solving abilities, and to develop the ability to assimilate old and new knowledge and present it in innovative ways. Students are instructed by teachers who have thirty hours or more of gifted and talented training in the regular classrooms. Students are served by the Gifted and Talented teacher who has been certified in Gifted and Talented Education or meet the requirements for AP or Dual Credit offerings at the High School level. Students are served in the following areas of giftedness:

K through 6th - General intellectual ability and creativity

7th through 12th - Specific subject area(s)

Kindergarten program - Instruction for gifted and talented students will begin during the Spring semester. All identified students will meet together on a weekly basis to receive instruction from the GT teacher.

First - Sixth grade program - Identified students will receive weekly instruction from the GT teacher.

Seventh - Twelfth grade program - Identified students in these grades will be served in the four core academic areas. Students will participate in pre-advanced placement classes and advanced placement classes.

Gifted and Talented Advisory Committee

In order to best serve the Gifted and Talented Students and Advanced Academics for Navarro ISD, the Gifted and Talented Advisory Committee was developed to assist in planning and programming for students.   Committee members are selected from each campus and meet quarterly to assess the program and adjust plans to support the academic needs of gifted and advanced students. 

Advanced Academic Programs

Navarro ISD offers a variety of Advanced Academics Programs for students beginning in the 6th grade with Math and continuing in a variety of subject areas in grades 7-12.  The following list of courses are part of the Advanced Academics Offerings:

6th Grade Accelerated/Advanced Math

7th Grade English Honors

8th Grade Accelerated/Algebra 1

8th Grade Science Honors

English II Honors

English IV AP

Geometry Honors

Algebra II Dual Credit

Calculus AP

Chemistry Honors

Biology Dual Credit

Spanish III Honors

German III Honors


7th Grade Accelerated/Advanced Math

7th Grade Science Honors

8th Grade English Honors

English I Honors

English III AP

English IV Dual Credit

Algebra II Honors

Pre-Calculus Honors

Biology Honors

Physics Honors

US History Dual Credit

Spanish IV AP

German IV AP 

The above named courses are delivered on campus via Navarro ISD teachers and staff.  Additional dual credit offerings are available online and students may request additional information about online offerings for courses not listed. 

For Navarro ISD Honors/AP and Dual Credit courses, specific criteria must be met for enrollment.