Use of Funds Plan:

The ESSER III grant funds will be used to support teachers, provide rigorous instructional materials, create more time for learning, and to empower parents.

ESSER III funds will be used over the course of 3 years to include the summer of 2021, 2021-2022, 2022-2023, and 2023-2024.

Feedback from the District Survey and Community meeting held on June 7, 2021, guided the use of funds on the grant application.

ESSER III funds will be used to enrich and meet the needs of all student populations. Funds will also be used to develop and implement systems to improve preparedness and response efforts of the district including but not limited to closures of the district. Technology (hardware, software, and even connectivity) for students will be purchased so that all students will have access to educational technology and online learning as needed.

Summer acceleration and enrichment camps will be offered to all students, as well as afterschool enrichment programs on designated campuses. Student social and mental health will be addressed throughout the school year on each campus by our school counselors, nurses certified teachers, and through partnerships with outside mental health organizations.

$210,200.00 has been set aside to address learning loss through afterschool and summer school programs over the next 3 years. All student groups and special populations will be included in these programs.

Student growth and success will be monitored using research-based assessments given during the school year and summer program.

Navarro ISD will create a partnership between the school and home. The district wants to empower parents at home by equipping them with TEKS and assessment knowledge. We believe that parents play a vital role in helping the district enrich and accelerate all students. Parents and community members alike will be encouraged to partner with a district campus to improve involvement and to grow our volunteer programs.

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