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Bond 2021 Updates

August 15, 2022,  the Navarro ISD Board of Trustees determined that since the Election was ordered, conditions have dramatically and unexpectedly changed, particularly with respect to increased construction costs due to, among other factors, labor shortages and supply-chain delays arising from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and Russia's war against Ukraine. The Board found that it is not economically feasible under these changed conditions to construct both a new high school and a new elementary school from the Bond 2021 funds. The Board intends to use 2021 bond proceeds primarily for the construction of a new high school, as permitted by Measure A, the corresponding Proposition A, and applicable Texas law. For More details  and documentation for this decision, please refer to the August 15, 2022 Regular Board Meeting Agenda and attached documents in section 8.P linked below for more details.

Please see the August 15, 2022 Regular Board Meeting agenda item 8P for documentation and more details. .

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High School Concept

The Navarro ISD Board of Trustees called a bond on August 13, 2021 for $160 million to encompass two propositions.

The propositions are for designing, constructing, renovating, improving, upgrading, updating, acquiring, and equipping school facilities, including a high school and elementary school (and any necessary or related removal of existing facilities), the purchase of the necessary sites for the school facilities, and the purchase of new school buses.

Proposition A - $130M

New High School on a new site

  • For 1100 students but will be master-planned for expansion

  • With Academic and dedicated CTE space for current programs and space to implement new certification programs

  • Practice Gym and Competition Gym

  • Fine Arts areas, including a Theater with seating for 750 and classroom / storage space

  • Ag Facilities / Ag Barn

  • Ag/FFA/CTE conference room

  • Designated Dance Studio

  • New buses

New Elementary School on a future site

  • To accommodate 750 students

  • With Learning Studios, STEM lab, and Maker Space for 21st-century learning opportunities

Renovations and additions

  • Such as safety and security upgrades and the purchase of new school buses

Land Purchase

  • Negotiations are underway for property behind the E.C.A. Puls Farm Heritage Center

Proposition B - $30M

New Sports Complex

  • Turfed football field with 8-lane track

  • 4500 home seats and 2500 visitor seats

  • Turfed baseball and softball fields with field house/restrooms/concession building

  • 8 Tennis Courts with field house/restrooms/concession building

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