The Academic Planning Team meets monthly to discuss and guide academic decisions for the school district. Each grade level has a representative and two representatives are selected for elective areas along with one special education representative. The Academic Planning Team supports the development of the District Improvement Plan, Community and Parent Involvement Plan, Academic Calendar, Grading Guidelines and review of components to support the district/campus curriculum. 

2020-2021 Academic Planning Team Members

PreK/SPED: Sammie Baron

1st Grade: Angie Morales

3rd Grade: Tammy Frederick

5th Grade: Kristi Monkerud

7th Grade: Anna Phillips

HS English: Michele Hansen

HS Science: Rissa Springs

Elementary Electives: Erik Woods

Instructional Tech: Tammy Morales

Special Education: Janna Smith

Technology:  Betsy Flood

Kindergarten: Danielle Kelley

2nd Grade: Caryl Boone

4th Grade: Rajeania Pittman

6th Grade: Mysti Taylor

8th Grade:

HS Social Studies: Kathy Seals

HS Mathematics: Vacant

Intermediate Electives: Katie Todd

ESL: Leticia Miller

GT: Julie Farris

Committee Chair: Wendy McMullen