Superintendent's Contract (FIRST, Title 19 Administrative Code, 109.1005(b)(2)(A))

The annual financial management report prepared by the school district and open-enrollment charter school must include:

(1) a description of its financial management performance based on a comparison, provided by the Texas Education Agency (TEA), of its performance on the indicators established by the commissioner of education and reflected in §109.1002 of this title (relating to Financial Accountability Ratings). The report will contain information that discloses:

(A) state-established standards; and

(B) the district's or open-enrollment charter school's financial management performance under each indicator for the current and previous year's financial accountability ratings;(2) any descriptive information required by the commissioner of education, including:(A) a copy of the superintendent's current employment contract or other written documentation of employment where no contract exists. The purpose of this disclosure is to report all compensation and benefits paid to the superintendent. The school district or open-enrollment charter school may publish the superintendent's employment contract on the school district's or open-enrollment charter school's Internet site in lieu of publication in the annual financial management report;

Superintendent Contract