Navarro ISD School Board approve the plan on 5/22/2017

The 84th Texas Legislature passed House Bill 1842 in 2015. The statute provides each public school district the opportunity to be designated as a District of Innovation. By following a prescribed process for public input and committee planning, followed by website posting, Board action and TEA notification, a district may identify certain state statutes from which it wishes to be exempt. The intent of the Texas Legislature was to provide for greater local control and flexibility, as local districts plan for their particular students and needs. A district may not exempt itself from state curriculum or graduation requirements, or from academic and financial accountability.


On October 17, 2016 the Navarro ISD Board of Trustees adopted a Resolution to Initiate Consideration of Becoming a District of Innovation. The Resolution affirmed that the district has an Acceptable performance rating, as required by law.

On January 23, 2017 the Navarro ISD Board of Trustees held a public hearing, inviting members of the public to comment on the Resolution.

Also on January 23, 2017, after the public hearing, the Board of Trustees voted to appoint a committee to develop a District of Innovation Plan for the Board’s consideration.

The planning committee met on February 20, 2017 and March 8, 2017. At the March meeting committee members considered areas of innovation that they agreed would be a benefit to the district, and outlined a rationale for each area.

The District Improvement Team will meet on April 12 to discuss and vote on the proposals. If approved, district faculty will have an opportunity to offer comment at a meeting on Monday, April 17.

At the Regular Board Meeting of April 17, the Board of Trustees will discuss the proposed plan, after which TEA will be notified and the proposed plan will be posted on the NISD website for 30 days. Final action may be taken by the Board on May 22, 2017.

If the Plan is approved on May 22, TEA and TASB will be notified on May 23. TASB will prepare adjustments to local policy as needed.

Committee Representing community, parents, faculty and administrative staff:

Karl Boysen

Lacey Gosch

Crystal Just

Kim Schlichting

Betsy Flood

Gary Haass

Libby Lanford

Robyn Steffen

John Gary

DeeDee Jones

Luke Morales

Kacy Zaleski

Kacy Zaleski

Dee Carter

Alissa Elley

The committee believes that Navarro ISD will be able to offer a more effective, comprehensive educational program by implementing the following exemptions:

1. Flexible Start Date

2. Teacher Certification for Dual Credit and Career and Technical Education

3. Class Size and Notice of Class Size, Grades Kindergarten through Four

4. Contract Service Days for 10-Month Educators

5. Minutes of Instruction and Length of the School Day

6. Planning and Decision Making Process—Campus and District Levels

TEA Comments

From: Accreditation [mailto:accred@tea.texas.gov]
Sent: Tuesday, April 25, 2017 8:40 AM
To: dee.carter@nisd.us
Cc: Martin, Leah; Baxter, Mark; Spenrath, Brandon
Subject: Navarro ISD District of Innovation feedback

Good morning,

Thank you for notifying the Commissioner of your district’s intent to adopt a local innovation plan for designation as anInnovation District. We’ve had the opportunity to review the proposed plan and wanted to take a moment to provide some feedback. While the Agency does not have approval authority of the plans, upon review we noticed a few items for clarification.

TEC §21.003 (Certification Required) – just to clarify, your district may be exempt from this provision, however please note that your special education and bilingual teachers must continue to be SBEC certified.

TEC §25.081 (Operation of School)/§25.082 (School Day) – just to clarify, your district may be exempt from these provisions and serve less than a 7 hour/420 minute day, however if the overall 75,600 minute (37,800 for Pre-K) requirement is not reached, funding will be reduced proportionally. This is the same flexibility provided to charter schools in the Student Attendance Accounting Handbook (SAAH) 3.8.

We look forward to hearing from you after the board officially adopts the plan. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have in the meantime.

Navarro ISD Response

Thank you for your feedback on our proposed DOI Plan.

As is stated in our plan, the only teachers that we intend to hire who may not be certified will be for skilled CTE courses, and possibly on-campus dual credit. We are fortunate to be in close proximity to Texas Lutheran University, Central Texas Technology Center (Alamo Colleges) and Texas State University.

We will be certain to meet the 75,600 minute requirement.

Dee Carter


Navarro ISD