Summer School

Navarro ISD Summer School Options

Program Details

  • June 7 - 24, 2021
  • Monday - Thursday
  • 8:30am - 12:00pm
  • Transportation Provided

1) Filling the Gaps- Program by invitation only to support academic readiness due to identified instructional gaps. Grades K-5

2) Credit Recovery - Program for students seeking promotion to the next grade level or credits for graduation. Grades 6-12 - $150 fee

3) Enrichment - Technology and Art Camps offered June 7-10 and 14-17 for Grades 3-5. Each camp requires a $50 fee.

Registration will be required for all programs. Students qualifying for Filling the Gaps or Credit Recovery will be directly contacted by campus administration requesting registration. Students interested in the Enrichment program are encouraged to register based on interest. Spaces are limited for Enrichment and registered students will be selected via lottery for attendance. Parents will be contacted by May 6, 2021.

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Camp Descriptions

Art Camp

June 7-10
Young artists will love to get creative this summer.
Students will learn how to paint, draw, sculpt and so much more as they become immersed in fun projects - producing masterpieces that affirm creative processes and build self-confidence.

Technology Camp
June 7-10 and June 14-17
This technology experience is focused on 3D Print and Design. Students will learn how 3D printers are changing the world, how to download pre-made 3D models, how to make a 3D model using TinkerCAD, how to print 3D models using a MakerBot 3D printer and software and study the design and engineering processes used by professionals. Students will create 3D models and design a final project from beginning to end.

Science Camps

June 7-10 - Animal Planet - Animal lovers will have a fun filled week of learning about animals, habitats, and biomes. This class will be full of amazing facts as well as fun and exciting games, projects and crafts.

June 14-17 - International Amazing Race - Come learn about different cultures and countries around the world. This class will be full of amazing facts, projects, games, and crafts and will end with an Amazing Race competition

June 21-24 - Welcome to Space Jam - Students will learn about stars, galaxies, planets and planetariums while creating fun and exciting projects, games and crafts.