As we prepare for the new school year, we want to remind everyone to please be patient for bus routes that will take longer than originally planned. We will have new drivers, and new students that will possibly take a little longer as everyone gets familiar with new routes and routines as we all find our rhythm. Please know we will be monitoring the situations closely and will be making adjustments to make sure everyone who has pre-registered bus riders in TransAct makes it to and from school safely. It is possible that we may have to adjust some student bus routes once we see the numbers and wait times on each bus to help balance the routes, or when we are able to add new drivers and routes to alleviate buses with larger numbers of students. Please keep an eye on the information in your TranAct Account in case your child were to have a change.

If we find we have a larger number of riders than we can safely fit on a bus route, it may be necessary for us to make multiple trips and go back out to ensure everyone is transported safely. Please know we will make certain students waiting for buses at school will continue to have a place to wait that is supervised while we work through the situations.

In order to ensure our full Transportation Staff is available to handle the bus routes the first week of school, we are setting up a Transportation Call Center at our Junior High Office that will be answering calls live from 6 am - until final bus has returned to the schools the first week of school so we can assist all grade levels with any issues that may arise with transportation before and after school. If something comes up, please call 830-401-5550 and they will be glad to assist you and get immediate messages to Transportation to handle situations as they arise. We appreciate everyone's patience and support as we work through this process to try and provide the best options for everyone riding the buses.

We would also like to remind everyone that it is important to complete ALL registration steps before school starts in order to ensure your student has a schedule and is on class rosters for the first day of classes.

Step 1: Online registration

Step 2: Residency verification

Step 3: New Students to the district and incoming 7th graders must turn in an updated copy of their shot records

For more information on registration, please visit:

Individuals who try to register the first day at school (Aug 16, 2023) will need to be aware that the residency check will not be able to take place until after 9:00 am at the Junior High campus in order for us to properly start the first set of classes.

We appreciate everyone's understanding and support as we prepare to kick off another great school year!