Shattered Dreams

Shattered Dreams is a national educational and preventative program focusing on the results of alcohol-related crashes. Navarro High School participates every four years in this program, which was launched here at Navarro over a decade ago. It is a partnership with school administration, faculty, students, parents, community members, law enforcement, emergency medical services, and area hospitals.

Please be advised that on May 17th there will be a staged drunk driving crash scene that will include law enforcement, emergency personnel, ambulances, and helicopters for the students of Navarro High School to witness. Events tied to this reenactment will continue throughout the day on May 17th and May 18th. Unfortunately, this event will be closed to the public in order to allow room for all high school students to see in the limited areas available. We will however post pictures and video footage after the events have all concluded.

We understand this is a very sensitive subject, and we will have counselors available for students needing support. If you are concerned about your child witnessing this event, please contact Navarro High School administration; they will gladly assist you.