Dyslexia/Dysgraphia Services Procedures

Navarro ISD Dyslexia/Dysgraphia Services Procedures:

New Students to District:

  • Obtain data from previous district (testing & 504 data) and send to therapist;
  • SST Team will evaluate to determine services;
  •  Place student accordingly.

Navarro Students Suspected of having dyslexia/dysgraphia:

  • Teacher/campus will first contact the therapist with concerns and then obtain a dyslexia/dysgraphia data collection folder.  Data will be collected for no fewer than 3 weeks. Data to be collected and reviewed:
  • Health information sheet
  •  Attendance reports
  • Report cards/Progress reports (current and previous years)
  •  Curriculum based assessments (all subject areas)
  •  RTI information
  • STAR Reading
  •  Progress monitoring
  •  Universal Screener (all subjects evaluated)
  •  Written compositions
  • Instructional strategies, accommodations, interventions and results provided to the student
  • STAAR data for all subjects (if applicable)

  •  SST & therapist meet to determine if a dyslexia/dysgraphia evaluation is warranted.
    • If decision is no for evaluation:
      • The 504 Coordinator will contact the family with the results of the SST decision.
      • The student will be closely monitored.  
    • If decision is yes for evaluation:
      • The therapist will print and send home the consent to test form, parent and student’s rights, and parent survey.   The folder and additional forms will be returned to the therapist prior to the evaluation (folder must be complete).
      • Therapist will administer the evaluation within 45 school days.  An evaluation summary will be emailed to the 504 coordinator and teacher(s).
      • SST will meet to review the evaluation data.

  • The 504 coordinator will schedule a 504 meeting within 30 days of completed evaluation to present the data to the parents.  If the 504 committee agrees the student should be identified as a student with dyslexia or other related disability under Section 504, the therapist will provide the PEIMS clerk with the appropriate information.   If the student does not qualify for Section 504, the 504 coordinator and/or teacher will then speak with the parents about alternative routes to find success.

  • Services/Accommodations are initiated.