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District Philosophy

Navarro ISD is committed to the development of a school system in which all students can learn. In this student-centered system, we believe that students can be challenged to achieve their potential and develop self-esteem. In support of this philosophy, teachers and administrators will continue to train in effective practices supported by current research. We believe that the most effective way a school can enhance a student's self worth is by ensuring success in learning.

Purpose of Student Programs

Navarro ISD utilizes a variety of programs to support and enhance student achievement. These programs, which are funded through federal, state, and local sources, allow us to meet the diverse needs of our student population. Each program has specific guidelines designed to ensure that the funding is used to target a specific population or area of need. School districts are expected to work collaboratively with students, faculty, parents, and community members to develop specific objectives for these programs based on the needs of their students. These objectives are regularly assessed through the campus and district improvement committees and refined in order to provide continuous improvement in student achievement.